People testify daily about what God is doing in their lives. Hallelujah!! Praise God!!!

After only a few weeks attending Discovery Bible Study, the Holy Spirit just touches hearts and change lives and people accept Christ as their personal Savior and King of their lives! We see them changing!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  • On 20 February 2016, one lady asked us to pray for her drinking/alcohol problem at one group. EVERYBODY in this group accepted Jesus today after the DBS. It is just awesome to experience this every time!! Thank you Jesus for dying on a cross for us!
  • Can the church take me to heaven? A question asked a lot and they want to know what is the role of church. People stay away from church, because you must have money to give to the church. We say church is a house of our father where the children of GOD IS LOOKED after spiritually. The glow of each face of everyone who start seeing the light and how they grow is so awesome to experience. Rom 13:8 "owe nobody anything but love."
  • A mother with 2 children an 2 foster children lives in a shack. One boy has asthma, but her brick house is occupied by her brother, who is single, so I asked why don't you exchange houses? She just said she doesn't know, but after 2 weeks, she that they are moving into the house. Holy Spirit showed her love your children, make an effort, the house will do the children good.

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