We joined World for Jesus Christ Foundation in 2017. It has members in 39 countries worldwide to date and still growing. The organization’s aim is primarily to build the Kingdom of Christ our Lord and Saviour. Members can now easily organize outreaches in any country where WFJCF exists by simply informing local leaders about the outreach details and they just pass the information to the leaders of that specific country. The outreach in it’s totally is being organized including transportation, meals, accommodation, venues, etc. These events are finalized and communicated back to the Pastor, where on arrival someone picks them up at the airport.

Bishop Mosa serves in the International Advisory Council, which is the highest authority of the organization.

During April 2018 an international conference was hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Pastors from 28 different countries were together. Some of them invited Bishop and Pastor Mathabo to their communities/Churches.

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