Current Events

​Uganda Outreach

8 July 2018 to 23 July 2018 - more info...

Feeding Project

Feeding Project where needy families are assisted weekly!​
Pastor Charmaine started feeding the less privileged children in the Main branch.

Thank you to everyone who prays, funds and supports us in any way. God bless you!

Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

We lead these weekly Bible studies using some Scripture and led by the Holy Spirit, then we discuss three questions as a group around this Scripture.
Open with prayer and then everyone mentions one thing that the next person can thank God for him/her personally and one request.
Scripture. 2 people summarize it.
Discussing questions.
~ What does it say? ~ What does it mean? ~ What do we have to do?
Thereafter each one makes a commitment according to what this Scripture/Holy Sprit said you have to do.
Closing prayer.
LIFE CHANGING, because every week a new commitment with the others to keep up with.

See "Testimonies" for awesome stuff our Lord is doing in people's lives through these Bible studies!!!

We are ready to sow the seed of salvation!!!!! Are you?