Pray with Us

Our Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray with us for assistance with our feeding project for hungry/poor families of this Ministry!!!
  • Souls to be won for the Kingdom
  • We are still in need of two keyboards and a sound system. One for the new branch and the other for the tent.
  • New Branch planting
  • Die Anker needs a projector for song words from laptop when worshiping.
  • Finances (It's costly driving there and back with team also need to buy the church site. Thanks)
  • New branches
  • We urgently need a LDV (Van) to transport the tent to venues for outreaches.
  • Partners supporting us in Ministerial costs. We would like to support our Pastors financially for they are full time in ministry.
  • ​Sponsors for tent crusades.

BANKING DETAILS REQUEST (We shall give it on request)

Please pray with us every Thursday from 17:30 to 18:30